Guide to peñas, tabancos, and tablao venues in Jerez. If you are on a brief visit, a tablao is your best bet. These are more formal shows, spectaculars, and involve a bigger cast – frequently including dancers, are generally geared to tourists (national as well as international) and tickets will generally include dinner. If you are more in the mood for something more casual, and perhaps a cruise between different performances, try the bars and tabancos, particularly from Thursday night to Sunday lunchtime. And for full-on immersion, keep your eyes peeled for flyers advertising events at the local peñas – essentially flamenco social clubs. These are absolutely not geared to tourists, although respectful tourists are welcome. PHOTO: Peña La Bulería, Jereztelevision.com


Flamenco en el Pasaje. Atmospheric old tabanco with a packed schedule of performances (there’s nearly something going on from Thursday to Sunday at 2pm & 10pm – and often on other nights as well). Usually comprises singer and guitarist, although there are sometimes more packed into the tiny space facing the audience. Book ahead for table and table service. C/ Santa María, 8
Flamenco en las Cuadras Your best bet is to hover at the entrance around 10pm or later on a Friday or Saturday. If you hear raucous laughter and cheering, you’re in luck. Another super-atmospheric spot, with animated performances and a lot of audience participation in the cobbled courtyard and back room. Plaza de la Asunción, 2
El Guitarrón de San Pedro – run by passionate promotors of wine and culture, with live music available on a regular basis. Top spot. Bizcocheros 16
San Pablo. If not inside, there will be flamenco sung outside. C/ San Pablo, 12.




Peña Flamenca Los Cernícalos C/ de Sancho Vizcaíno, 25; T: 956 33 38 71
Peña La Bulería. C/ Empedrada, 20; T: 683 45 03 96
Peña Buena Gente, Nave del aceite Plaza Belén
Peña Flamenca Tío Jose de Paula; Calle Merced, 11; T: 956 320 196
Peña Flamenca Pepe Alconchel. Calle Castaño, 2; T: 956 343 084 / 956 332 224



La Taberna Flamenca C/ Angostillo de Santiago, 3. Schedule: Tuesday & Thursday 14:00 and From Tuesday to Saturday 22:00, Reservations: 649 383 978
Puro Arte Jerez Next to the bullring, C/ Conocedores 28. Schedule: Lunch and Dinner (optional) 13.30 y 21h00 – Show 15.00 y 22h00. Reservations: 647 743 832
La Guarida del Ángel C/ Porvenir, 1. Schedule: Show 21h00 Reservations: 615 601 223



The Teatro Villamarta is the HQ for major flamenco events during the annual flamenco festival in early Spring, and hosts some of the world’s top performers on a regular basis year round. Check their upcoming events.

Centro Cultural Flamenco D. Antonio Chacón – same as above. Keep an eye out for events during the year, but expect to be a frequent visitor during the festival, as a lot of the action centres around the Centre. C/ Salas, 2.

The Andalusian Flamenco Centre. T. 956 902 134. Monday to Friday, 9am-2pm. Special video sessions, 10am, 11am, 12.00am 1pm. Free entrance.