Morning in Sanlúcar

Clear days, warm sun – what better than ‘Una Mañana en Sanlúcar‘, a morning spent ambling through the lovely Sanlúcar? Absolutely nothing!
Actually there is something slightly better: ambling around with an expert guide. Sanlúcar is a great place for wandering aimlessly, but there comes a point when you are dying to know what’s behind those ancient walls, or know where Christopher Colombus or Magellan might have stopped for a fino. These guided walks take in the most historic of the historic streets and buildings, linking the lives of the new world explorers, Cervantes, and the dukes of Medina Sidonia, as well as some spectacular vistas, and they end, of course, with a look around the atmospheric Bodegas La Gitana, and copious tastings (two manzanillas from the barrel, and three wines).
Tours available with the award-winning Sanlúcar Smile Mondays to Saturdays, 11am (meeting at Plaza del Cabildo), from 20€ per person, and last around 3.5hrs. Reservations must be made in advance: +39 669 663 008 / 659 449 702 /