According to invaluable online bar and restaurant resource Cosa de Come, the team behind the hugely popular little bar restaurant, La Candela, is opening a shop specialising in Asian food supplies a few doors away at no.16, c/Feduchy, Cadiz. With sake, wakame and udon nooles harder to find than hen’s teeth, the shop is worth a pilgrimage. Carmen Adan and Victor Piñero (who was inspired by his experiences living in arty, foodie, boho District 798 Beijing) say the shop will be a place for shopping, yes, but also sharing ideas and expertise in cooking Asian cuisine.

Inspiration and nourishment meanwhile can be enjoyed at La Candela Tapas Bar (no.3, c/Feduchy). The small, friendly venue offers a red Thai curry as one of its fusion and authentically foreign offerings along with Mexican taco complete with coriander, lime and guacamole, fish and chips, and a veritable virtual voyage around the best flavours in the world. Definitely worth a visit – and booking ahead (by phone: 956221822), especially from May onwards when the shop should be operational.

For more information on La Candela (in Spanish), visit CosadeCome.

PHOTO: Benjamin Colsa – Adan and Piñero posing by the mural at their new shop.

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