2. Beach, Bolonia

hot beach


Gorgeous creamy sand beach, massive drifting dunes, a cluster of basic beach bars and, to top it off, the Roman ruins of Baela Claudia. Bolonia is mighty special, and big enough that it’s never crowded. A warm wood boardwalk through pines at the edge of the beach cuts out the tiring trudging as you choose your spot. If you really want to be completely alone, you can hike over the headland to a less accessible cove. Fishing boats, and people showing off on galloping horses add a touch of authenticity. Along with good car parking, the top perk is the chance to wander the extensive remains of the Roman town (which includes an amphitheatre) and discover what’s what in the airy museum housed in a well-classy modern building. Head into the village for more chiringuitos, cheap accommodation and a hippy vibe.