Via Cosasdecome:
Want to learn how to make Valencian style paella? Chef Manolo García Tubio is offering courses at his Bar Bocarambo in Jerez for groups of 15-20 people. Just gather your friends and get in touch.
Classes start at 12pm and last 2.5hrs. The paella is authentically Valencian and made using Valencian skills, rice and sourced vegetables. However instead of using rabbit with chicken, as a concession to western tastes the chef uses pork. Attendees can get involved in the careful and honed process – if they’re not too busy enjoying the food served to keep them going while the perfect paella is prepared. The end result is shared, accompanied by drinks, and followed by postre. The whole thing costs €30 per person, and is available Monday – Thursday.
You can enjoy rice dishes at Bocarambo on Fridays and Saturdays too – the chef is famous for them; but get there in good time, because it’s justly popular.
You can read the full article here in Spanish at cosasdecome, and they also helpfully provide a list of places specialising in rice dishes across the province of Cadiz .
Calle Beato Juan Grande, 9, Jerez de la Frontera; T: 646 96 65 69