This is definitely not the hotel to come to if you want to get away from it all, but it’s friendly, funky, lively and, most importantly, sits in an amazing location. In fact the site, poised just above the beach of Zahora can’t be beaten. During weekends the wooden tables along the sandy terrace are packed with people escaping the beach for lunch or knocking back cold wine and beer, but during the week it’s a much more laid-back proposition. The restaurant is decent (lovely inside at a sea view table) and specialises – surprise – in seafood. Rooms come in different shapes and sizes. Some have  a shared garden with direct access to the beach, some allow you to watch the sea from your bed, others are beach cabaña style with second rooms up a ladder, and there is also a house with four rooms and an amazing location right at the heart of the action (not for early risers). Entertainment comes in the form of live music every night throughout the summer, and indeed this is very much a summer holiday spot, with the hotel shutting down at the end of the season. The Battle of Trafalgar was fought just offshore, and the Faro de Trafalgar stands at one end of the beach. Sandy-bottomed pools are revealed at low tide, offering shallow, warm water for those who are a bit nervous about jumping into the Atlantic.

Zahora, Caños de Meca; T: (34) 956 43 74 24;;